Self-Administrator® for the Electro Flo® 5000

Self-Administrator® – Product Information and Instructions for Use

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The Self-Administrator® is a strap that holds the Electro Flo® 5000 Airway Clearance Device power head. With the Self-Administrator®, a person can apply CPT directly on their back, unassisted, and precisely where needed for immediate relief.

The Self-Administrator® can be used by anyone with manual dexterity.


  1. Place the Self-Administrator® on a flat surface with the opening toward you and the Med Systems logo on top.
  2. electroflo-5000-self-administrator-2

  3. Open the Velcro closure and insert the Electro Flo® 5000 power head as shown.
  4. Tighten the Velcro closure securely.
  5. Place the Self-Administrator® with the bottom cover of the power head against the back wherever needed.
  6. Adjust the straps to fit your reach, keeping the straps taut and the Electro Flo® 5000 tightly against the back. If the power head slips, pulling toward the chest will correct the position.
  7. Turn the Electro Flo® 5000 to the desired settings on the control box. Adjust as needed.
  8. electroflo-5000-self-administrator-3

  9. If you assume the postural drainage position, adjust the straps and your grip in order to keep the bottom cover of the power head firmly against your back.
  10. electroflo-5000-self-administrator-4

  11. When treatment is finished, remove the power head and allow it to remain in stand-by position on a lint free surface, before turning off.
  12. Remove Electro Flo® 5000 head before cleaning the Self-Administrator®. To clean the Self-Administrator®, wipe down with soap and cool water or hand wash in cool water and air dry out of direct sunlight. To disinfect, wipe surfaces with alcohol.


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